Offering Soulful Self-care to cultivate a Personalized practice for healing and mind-body attunement, using breathwork, movement, yoga, mantra, meditation and relaxation.

Our intention

Getting into your body and breath to navigate your mind is a potent tool to transform your experience. Soul Tea was designed to support one's connection to Self and restore Balance in a world fueled by everything outside of ourselves. We were created whole and complete, yet we can allow so many things to take precedence over prioritizing the preservation of our internal compass. Whether it be career, family, home, school, relationships, or health that serve as the motivation behind our choices; we all require a personal association in order to maintain and sustain our well-being. It's hard to function optimally when we're not taking Care.

Cultivating a personalized practice that becomes a consistent commitment to Self, is a powerful way to feed your Soul and create the Balance you desire.

While tea is thought to inspire comfort and peace, as the warm, invigorating, naturally healing elixir of life, it also refers to custom in the South of women who gather in the afternoon for tea, to sip and share juicy insights and the latest hot topics.

Consider Soul Tea your access to effective, soulful intel on how to care for and nourish your threefold structure ~ mind, body & spirit. Equally as important as giving yourself permission, is the technical know-how to expand the caliber and capacity of your mental faculties, allowing you to gain awareness around your physical body and create this connected space within.  

Through extensive study in a variety of healing modalities and wellness techniques, we've designed the ultimate recipe. In addition, it's available to be tailored specifically for You, with an emphasis on what you as an individual are seeking most.

May Soul Tea and personalized Self-care, offer you an opportunity to access your intuitive personal power, nourish your mind, and find your Balance. Commit to You. This is your invitation to come fill up ~*

Self-care is both a Gift and a Choice.

Upcoming public classes...


Hollywood, Ca

Tuesdays - - 430p - 545p

Thursdays - - 430p - 545p

1357 N Highland Ave, Hollywood, Ca 90028

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SOUL Tea : Breathwork & Meditation

Sundays 12 -1p

417 Rose Ave, Venice, Ca 90291