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physicality was the gateway…

A devoted dancer and performer growing up, Tonya found a natural transition into yoga when her Truth-seeking spirit and wanderlust led her from Virginia to California. She immersed herself in a lifestyle that complimented her physical background and serviced her Soul, with a variety of creative outlets lending themselves to personal development and discovery of Self.

Finding solace in her practice after years of bouts with anxiety, yoga and meditation further became her saving grace in managing chronic pain due to scoliosis, followed by a car accident that exponentially altered her relationship to Self; mind, body and spirit. The depths she was called to explore within her mental faculties and merging with Infinite consciousness, when stripped of the physicality that had become her identity, requiring incredible diligence and the utmost patience. Through her commitment to doing the work and developing a personal daily practice fostering mind-body attunement, Tonya has overcome tremendous physical challenges and created space for deep healing.

While Self-care was always a priority, it evolved into a non-negotiable in order for her to fulfill her deepest desire to live a fully expressed and empowered existence at peace.

Her Pain became her Purpose.

Tonya has had the honor of traveling and studying with extraordinary teachers worldwide, including Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Guru Singh, Sukhdev Jackson, Kia Miller, Mia Togo and Alexandria Crow. She is a certified Hatha yoga, Pre-Natal yoga, and Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, while continuing to evolve as a disciplined practitioner.

In addition to offering personalized instruction and mentoring young girls through Mindful Empowerment, Tonya teaches, hosts, and facilitates special events throughout Los Angeles. She is endlessly inspired by supporting others in cultivating this personal space for deep healing and authentic connectedness.

And the journey continues ~*