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Divine qualities ...

~ increase clarity, memory and awareness

~ calm the nervous system

~ quiet the mind

- bring peace

~ reduce stress and dissipate fear

~ neutralize electromagnetic waves

~ cooling to the body and protect against negative forces

It is an honor to source these sacred offerings from Bali to the states with Love.

Malas are being used more and more as a personal adornment by non-meditators and meditators alike, those who are seeking or available to transformation of a calmer mind, body and spirit. When one absentmindedly reaches for the neck during the day and feels their mala, or is simply present to its cooling presence on the skin, it is a reminder to come back to the breath, to be aware. They are a beautiful reminder to be more conscious of what you're seeking, how you're showing up and responding to your environment, and what you're manifesting.

These contemporary malas intentionally combine the powerful properties of semi precious stones and Rudraksha to heighten the relationship to the wearer and to increase their effects.

Each piece is a handcrafted offering, blessed in Bingin, Bali.

If there's a particular gemstone you love or an intention you are seeking, take note of the metaphysical properties behind the variety of stones offered. There is no right or wrong way to choose your mala. Typically, we find that the mala chooses you.

If you're looking for more guidance in the selection process, please feel free to reach out. We look forward to sharing the healing energy of these rare, sacred beads with you and yours. 

By wearing these beads may you be blessed with peace and wisdom to act from the one true heart of pure consciousness with Love & Compassion ~



*see Gallery for currently available mala collections! (contact for further details)