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Private sessions

Self-care starts with You. Offering clients one-on-one support and guidance in addressing unique areas for growth is a natural talent and extraordinary gift that Tonya identifies as an integral part of her life's purpose. Personalized sessions allow for focused attention to cultivate healing and mindfulness that you can apply in a practical way, within your daily life.

Over a series of sessions specially tailored to you, Tonya utilizes a variety of holistic techniques to approach your specific goals and needs. Come as you are. Explore a deeper connection to Self that will leave you feeling Full.

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Intimate group sessions

Are you interested in sharing a Soulful Self-care experience with a group of friends, family, loved one(s), or co-workers? Whether a special occasion or simply to connect in a powerfully positive way, Soul Tea can create space for you to Fill Up together. Let's discuss possibilities. Click on SAY YES above.

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Mindful empowerment (Specialty Workshops)

Fostering the connectedness of Women to them Selves and one another via sacred teachings, mindful movement, and Girl Talk - a platform to share experience through open dialogue and authentic conversation. Uplift and Inspire by your sheer presence. Click on SAY YES above.