Why Kundalini?

“Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of Awareness. It is not a religion. It is not a fad. It is not a cult. It’s a practice of experiencing a person’s own excellence which is dormant and which is awakened.”

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient practice of channeling powerful innate energy within, allowing one to transform and transcend to elevated consciousness and create optimal functioning of the nervous system. As the ‘yoga of awareness,’ the philosophical purpose of Kundalini is to awaken your Higher Self.

It has been said that this science of accessing one’s Infinite potential is not to be explained, but rather to be experienced. No words can replace that personal experience. Reflected in one’s natural state of being and purposeful projection, incredible shifts are visibly undeniable as a result of this Self-initiated action.

There’s plenty I can share about how I like to say, Kundalini Yoga found me, and then there are simple, concise truths behind this sacred technology that might lead one to consider investigating for themselves.

While I’ve studied and appreciate various forms of yoga and meditation, I know that when I’ve been confronted with anything on an energetic level, at the root of which are stored emotions, outdated belief systems or some issues stored deep within my tissues, Kundalini is the practice that has moved me through my physical body to the spaces seeking my attention, in the shortest amount of time, so I can find my way back to the peace and ease of my present experience.

Whether you’re in need a miracle or simply a reminder as to who you really are and what you’re capable of, here are 5 reasons to look into Kundalini Yoga and witness how it can serve to activate all that exists within You.

1. Kundalini Yoga is a Scientific approach to overall health and well-being that will make you look and feel younger!

Dating back to c. 1,000 B.C. – 500 B.C., historical records indicate Kundalini was a science of energy and spiritual philosophy before the physical practice was developed. Combining ancient knowledge with modern practicality, today the exercises are arranged precisely in sequences of postures, breath, mantra, sound current, and meditations, for specified durations to reap specified results. Designed to support a strong immune system, vital glands, a strong nervous system and good circulation, this practice allows you to detoxify, while combating stress -- all major contributors, not only to longevity but a youthful, radiance as well. Who doesn't want to Shine? The fine-tuning of your inner landscape will undoubtedly show through on the outside.  

2.  Kundalini will feed your Happiness.

There are a plethora of exercises in this practice that are unusual, to say the least. Whether they simply look funny or feel funny doing them, if you’re willing to get a little “weird,” you get to experience your very own happy ending! We’re naturally wired to be happy as human beings, yet our circumstances can overpower the goodness life has to offer at times. Kundalini strengthens the natural production of happy hormones. So regardless of if you’re able to laugh in the moment or not, you’ll feel lighter and more available to doing so when taking your practice off the mat and into your day-to-day. If you already consider yourself to be happy, trust that there a number of kriyas and meditations to celebrate and amplify that happiness even further.

3.  Kundalini has the power to rewire your brain in order to change behavioral patterns and overcome addictions.

As the seasons change, our habits and routines change. Yogi Bhajan said that 60–85% of our behavior is based on habits. We first create a habit, then the habit creates us. It is easy to become slaves to our habits. Kundalini Yoga and meditation is effective in helping us to ‘rewire the brain,’ to break demoting habits and create new promoting habits, emotions, and behaviors. The two hemispheres of the brain, hypothalamus gland, frontal lobe, vagus nerve, and pineal gland all have special roles in the balance or imbalance of our brains, and ultimately, our consciousness. Actively involved in the technology and practice of Kundalini Yoga, the exercises, meditations, mudras, breathwork, eye focus, and mantra all work on re-patterning the brain through repetition and consistency.

4.  As you strengthen your mind, you naturally strengthen your physical body.

It’s a fact, this practice is not a cake walk. Kundalini can be both gentle and meditative, and it can be vigorous and physically exhausting, depending on the class. Thousands of kriyas allow for so much variety. The ultimate win is that while you practice controlling the fluctuations of the mind and really BREATHE, you’re actively engaging your arms, core and so much more. You probably won’t be disappointed with witnessing the strength and muscle tone that naturally results as you challenge yourself mentally and learn to find comfort in the discomfort.

5.  Magic happens outside of your comfort zone *~

Kundalini Yoga is full of surprises. You might be stretching one day and screaming the next. So the ego won’t do you much good here, but the spontaneous nature of each class keeps you light on your feet and ready for anything. The more often you stretch beyond your comfort zone, the more resilient you’ll become. Greater resilience can help you see life’s challenges in ways that are less paralyzing, so you can learn to respond, rather than react. Call it magic, miracles, or simply surprise and delight; stretch yourself mentally and physically, rather than keeping it comfortable, and anticipate a positive outcome.